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I’m going to use this new blog to talk mostly about web content management, and a little bit about interaction design. (If you’re actually interested in where I’ve been on holiday, what books I’ve read recently, which bands I’ve seen, or what leftish Euro political views I espouse, you can always check those things out here.)

Web content management is a field I’ve been working in for 10 years now, initially as a developer at, more recently as product and interaction designer at Kitsite.  A decade might seem a long time to be plugging away in one category of software, but in many ways WCM is more interesting now than it has ever been. That’s because it sits at the intersection of the web and the workplace, and both are undergoing fundamental change.

The web’s becoming more social, open, and (finally) mobile. While the workplace is becoming more agile, personal, and distributed. For business, these trends mean the boundaries between what’s inside your company and what’s outside have become more permeable. At the same time, the advancing capabilities of web browsers and spread of broadband mean that it’s possible to deliver richer web-based user experiences.

This all has a huge impact on WCM and will I think create a lot of new opportunities for what until fairly recently seemed a moribund field. After a decade of seeing content management platforms converge in functionality, the game has got exciting again. Hurrah!


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