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Meanwhile, in other 2010 WCM prediction news…

You don’t want to hear me repeat the same old predictions as everybody else, right? So none of the really obvious stuff here.

We’ll stop talking about marketing so much
Marketing is not the only or even the most important form of human communication. The downturn has lead to an excessive focus on WCM as a marketing solution. I’ve seen vendors resolve that old debate over what to call “non-technical business users” in favour of the word “marketers”. Not to mention those vendors who’ve redefined themselves as offering “Marketing Resource Management”. Yes, yes, business needs are important, but they are wider than that. In 2010, I predict we’ll back away from this reductive obsession even if the recession double-dips; if only because it’s ultimately rather dull.

Legacy WCM delivery tiers will start creaking loudly enough to be audible
Compared with modern MVC web frameworks, where there has been significant innovation and development over the last several years, the typical WCM delivery tier is showing its age. This will become more obvious as they try to achieve “cloud-scale”. And that includes some of the more recent open source WCM platforms. Which leads to my next prediction…

NoSQL will become a buzzword in the WCM space
Yes, vendors will be falling over themselves to declare nosql “compliance”. Not such a bad thing either; SQL was never a good fit for WCM. It’s documents, baby. Plus, who elected Larry Ellison supreme overlord of content querying?

CMIS will break all records in hype cycle transit speed
I predict we’ll see CMIS zip over the Peak of Inflated Expectations and into the Trough of Disillusion before Gartner have even had time to publish.

WCM vendors will start bolting on interfaces targeting content strategists
Partly because they watched this presentation and saw it was good. I’ve got some more specific thoughts about this, but hey, I don’t have to share all my good ideas with you guys. Work it out.

Something will happen in the .NET shadow universe
But I won’t notice. Anyway, it will probably happen very very slowly. Whatever.

OK, that’s it. Tune in this time next year and tell me I’m wrong.


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  1. I think you are right about the lack of readiness for cloud and the different performance characteristics that delivery needs now. And also the focus on marketing, which ignores a lot of the interesting use cases for WCM that are emerging. I see that JCR has been rebranded as NoSQL already. Should be an interesting year…

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