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Stickybits: more content management for the internet of things

where “things” in this case are identified by barcodes, rather than any kind of geocode. Yeah, barcodes, the poor man’s RFID. Except that 1) you can actually find them in the wild, and 2) barcodes are like class variables to RFID’s instance variables. In a lot of contexts (eg. shopping) that’s more useful.

Stickybits’ focus seems to be on tagging barcodes with related digital assets; but you can add text as well, and you can imagine how the service could be quickly extended to add more CMS-like functionality (assuming anybody turns out to want it).

Unsurprisingly – given the somewhat porny name – they’re a startup. My guess is that most of the interesting plays in this new arena are NOT going to come from established CM vendors, though there might be a bit of acquisition down the line.


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